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As a football player, any chance to heal my body faster is important to my game. Neptune Ice®  allows me to do this. I just let it work its magic and I’m ready to get back in the weight room or on the field. 

Todd Gurley
All-Pro Running Back

I use Neptune Ice® on my left elbow for tendinitis. I use it in combo with a compression wrap. I work it in pretty well, and after about 30 mins it eases my discomfort and numbs the pain. I’ve tried Aspercreme and Biofreeze but this works much better.


Reno, NV

I have plantar fasciitis and work at a job standing on my feet for 10 hrs a day. I used Neptune Ice® one time and that’s all it took, and I was hooked. Anytime my feet started to ache I would rub it on with the applicator and in minutes it was gone. Would highly recommend it!


Charleston, SC

I put it on my back and knee and within a half hour the pain wasn’t there. I normally have trouble sleeping at night, but I can now just sleep fine. I also put it on this morning and was able to walk with no problem. This stuff works!


Pahrump, NV

Neptune Ice® is easy to apply, works very quickly, and lasts for a long time. I put it on right knee for arthritis and it lasts all night.

Denise H

Austin, TX

If you’re in pain, this stuff works! I have suffered neck pain from a previous injury and when I put it on in the morning, I am able to skip my pain pills. I’ve tried just about everything. Doctors have prescribed needles, pain meds, everything - and this is the best.

John A

Reno, NV

I have a lot of arthritis and I’m on my feet all day. I have been using Neptune Ice® when I go to bed. It helps me relax so I can fall asleep faster! I don’t toss and turn anymore! I love the applicator. It makes it so easy to apply!


Traverse City, MI

I compete in triathlons and have been using Neptune Ice® for over 6 months now to treat my knees and shoulder. I use the product at least 5 times a week and I love not only that it aids in my recovery, but there is no burning sensation, and it works well when I sleep. It does not have a strong smell and the applicator pad makes it easy to use.


Cincinnati, OH

Neptune Ice® is amazing. It stops pain fast!


Reno, NV

I injured my calf muscle and Neptune Ice® was extremely helpful in the healing process. I used it morning, noon, and night and my recovery was remarkably quick. The aching and swelling were reduced and the pain relief was immediate.

Connie D

Las Vegas, NV

I have had issues with sciatica and was using CBD oil to deal with the pain. Then I found Neptune Ice® and decided to give it a try. It is my best friend and the reason I can walk every morning! There is no need for the CBD oil since I started using Neptune Ice®. I would rather put something ON me to get rid of the pain than put something IN me!!


Plainfield, IN

I have bad arthritis in my right shoulder and I typically cannot lift my arm above my chest, but when I use Neptune my mobility comes back! I also use it on my neck as I suffer with stiffness every day. It honestly saves my day.

Sue Allen

Kalkaska, MI

I have used this product with one of my physical therapy patients on her knees due to arthritic pain. She was non-ambulatory when we started therapy due to the pain and now she is able to walk 50 feet with a walker. She was so excited to be up and walking she couldn’t believe it.


Oxford, NC

I typically have a hard time sleeping and wake up with a sore neck every day. My doctor gives me anti-inflammatory pills, but I would prefer a topical. Neptune Ice® works great. I rub it on and it instantly relaxes my muscles and soothes my pain.


Gardnerville, NV

I am an ex-rugby player and triathlete who races year-round. Since using Neptune Ice® on my lower back, I have found relief and can say that recovery time from big races is also much faster. I have tried so many products and this works better at pain relief and recovery. It just works.


South Bend, IN

I use Neptune Ice® for muscle strains and injuries when participating in triathlons and I have found this gel is faster and longer lasting than other products. I love that it has a minimal odor, provides an icy sensation, and provides quick results. I would definitely recommend Neptune for others to try!


Chicago, IL

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